Creteur launched in 2014 as an exploration of posture, texture and materiality through the method of fabric formed concrete sculptures. The name was derived from a combination of “Concrete” and “Creature”. Each specimen was designed independently to have a unique character expressed through its posture, texture, and materiality.

Since 2013, Creteur has developed into a collaborative design workshop aimed at blurring the boundary between all creative disciplines. With a continued focus on materiality and detail, Creteur seeks to explore concept driven ideas at every scale through a variety of mediums.

Located in New York City, Creteur is operated by founder Preston Welker. 


Check Spelling...

Creteur takes ownership of the red "check spelling" underscore that appears under the word when it is typed. If 'Creteur' is ever considered a correct spelling, it will be wrong.